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Turkey, Russia and Iran to Organize Syria Meeting in Sochi

Turkey, Russia and Iran will hold a Syria peace conference on Nov. 22 in Black Sea resort of Sochi to push for a political settlement, a Turkish TV broadcaster said on Thursday.

The meeting came after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan met with his Russian counterpart in the same city to discuss further phase of de-escalation efforts in northern and western Syria.

During Astana talks in September, the three countries agreed to establish a monitoring force to observe de-escalation in Idlib.

Both leaders agreed to focus on a political solution to a war that killed more than a half million people, displaced half of the 23 million population of Syria. Nearly 7 million people have become refugees in neighboring countries.

Details of the summit remain unclear for the moment. Turkey has recently expressed objection to the inclusion of Syrian Kurdish PYD into any form of peace talks.

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