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Turkish Media Highlights — Nov. 24, 2017



Damascus Response

President Erdogan left the door for cooperation with Damascus against Syrian Kurds. “What would happen tomorrow completely depends on the conditions of the moment. It would be wrong for us immediately to reject such scheme, rule out cooperation,” he said, signaling a possible cooperation with Damascus.


Turkish Military Is People’s Army, Not Old Establishment and Coupists’

President Erdogan said the army was cleansed of coupists and juntas.


Ataturk Is Foundation of Turkey 

Main opposition CHP lawmaker Baris Yarkadas slammed the government for removal of Ataturk from celebrations to mark teachers’ day.


Syria Plan in Sochi

Russia, Turkey and Iran have agreed to bring a political solution to Syria, hold new elections, the release of prisoners of war.


No Rule of Law, No Ethics

A prosecutor secured assignment of his wife, a doctor, in replacement of a prison doctor detained by the same prosecutor.


Forgive Us Teacher

Teachers are not assigned to posts, those who are assigned are purged by government decrees. Kazim Unlu, Egitim Sen director, lost his life after a heart attack.  According to OECD poll, Turkish teachers do not feel valued.


There Is No B Plan

Speaking at a graduation ceremony of the new cadets from National Defense University, President Erdogan said the purge in the army is completed.

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