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Turkish Media Highlights — Nov. 23, 2017



YPG Reservation

Critical Decisions in Sochi Summit. In the trilateral meeting in Sochi, sides took steps to form Congress of National Dialogue, a new constitution and free elections.  President Erdogan said nobody should expect Turkey would take part in a same scheme along with YPG, PKK’s Syria extension.


Critical Step for Peace in Syria 

In trilateral summit of Putin-Rouhani-Erdogan in Sochi, sides decided to establish a Congress of National Dialogue for a lasting political solution in Syria.


Retiree Sells Home Stuff to Make Living

Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) lawmaker Gursel Tekin took a tour of Ankara’s second-hand stores in an open bazaar and saw that retirees are selling their home stuff to make ends meet.


Prosecutor and Judge Are Ex-Criminals

Prosecutor and judge who oversee the Zarrab case are found to be ex-criminals with a poor record.


Agreement to Rebuild Syria 

Putin, Erdogan and Rouhani have agreed to rebuild infrastructure, stability and peace in Syria.


Terrorist Elements Must Be Excluded From This Process

President Erdogan spoke straight. Three sides confirmed commitment to the territorial integrity of Syria, elimination of terrorist groups in Syria and formation of Congress of National Dialogue in Sochi summit. President Erdogan renewed Turkey’s reservation about terrorist groups’ inclusion to peace talks.


Our Situation Is Disheartening

Birgun Daily talked to vendors, store owners in Ulus Bazaar to measure symptoms of economic crisis. The situation is disheartening. Business owners hardly sell their stuff in the absence of customers. Some days go without any sale at all. In contrast, cafes, where people go for gambling and lottery, are full.


His Aim Is Left-Right Polarization

President Erdogan’s hatred toward the left emanates from a deliberate electoral strategy to fuel political polarization to make political scores.


A Syria Without PYD

Erdogan, Putin and Rouhani met in Sochi to talk about Syria’s future. Three sides agreed to the formation of Congress of National Dialogue. President Erdogan secured addition of fighting terrorism to the framework as three sides agreed on a political solution to the Syrian conflict.


They Agree to Political Solution

In one of the critical moments for Syria, three leaders agreed for halting fighting and finding a political solution in Syria.


Trilateral Will For Political Solution

Erdogan, Putin and Rouhani gathered together in critical Sochi summit. At the summit, sides moved to the next step for a political solution.

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