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Turkish Media Highlights — Nov. 22, 2017



Indigenous and National Heart

Two Turkish doctors have produced first indigenous heart pump.


Dec. 17-25 Plot Now Set Up in US

President Erdogan said Dec. 17-25 plot against him failed in Turkey. Now some people try same plot against him in the U.S.


Dreams 1.97, Realities 3.97

In a five-year development plan submitted to Parliament, the government forecast that the dollar would be 1.97 Turkish Lira. It has already become 3.97 lira.


Same Plot Set Up in US

President Erdogan said they tried everything but failed to take over Turkey. Now they are trying to smear and discredit Turkey in the international arena.


Second Ayla

As the movie of Ayla featuring the story of a Turkish military officer and a small South Korean girl is heading for records at box office, Haberturk daily reached a second Ayla story.


They Moved Plot to US 

President Erdogan talked about Dec. 17-25 plot against Turkey. He said after it failed in Turkey, same actors brought the plot to the U.S.


Here Is PKK’s Afrin Team

Against a possible operation by Turkey, Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) sent a reinforcement of 500 new militants to Afrin to bolster the city’s defense.


Zarrab’s Prosecutor Is A Criminal

Acting Attorney John Kim, who is assigned by the U.S. to launch an operation against Turkey through Zarrab trial, is found to be a criminal who involved in the forgery of documents, bribery and other crimes.


We Are Getting Poorer Everyday

Despite the attempts by Central Bank, Turkish lira became a currency which hit record lows against the dollar.

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