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Turkish Media Highlights — Nov. 18, 2017



Scandal in NATO. Ataturk and Erdogan were shown as enemies in NATO drill. Turkey withdrew its soldiers participating in the drill. NATO Secretary-General apologized.


Turkey’s Power Made NATO Apologize. When Ataturk and Erdogan were shown as enemies, Erdogan slammed NATO. What kind of alliance is this? Turkish officers were withdrawn, and NATO immediately apologized.


US Wants to Squeeze Turkey With Reza Zarrab. They are launching a political operation under the disguise of law. The U.S., which did not extradite FETO leader, which supported terrorist organizations linked with PKK, now aims to use Zarrab against Turkey.


Enemy Chart Scandal in NATO. President Erdogan stated that his name and picture of Ataturk were shown in the enemy chart during a NATO exercise. NATO Secretary-General apologized.


NATO Mindset. Unbelievable scandal against 65-year ally Turkey. They made Ataturk and Erdogan enemy during NATO drill.


Scandal. Ataturk was shown as an enemy, while President Erdogan was portrayed as someone cooperating with the enemy during NATO drill in Norway. Turkey withdrew its soldiers back. Erdogan slammed NATO, saying “what kind of alliance is this?” NATO apologized.


Provocation From NATO. Ataturk and Erdogan were depicted as enemies during a NATO drill in Norway. Turkey withdrew its 40 officers from the drill. President Erdogan: What kind of alliance is this? He said the objective was something else.


We Did Not Interfere, This Happened. President Erdogan signaled a new move to change the status of autonomous Central Bank over a disagreement over interest rates. President Erdogan slams Central Bank managers for not heeding his demands. Central Bank has an independent policy-making mechanism.


NATO Is Enemy for Us. They openly designated Turkey a target. Similar to U.S. targeting of Turkey through proxy terrorist groups, NATO now openly began to target Turkey. Ataturk and Erdogan were depicted as enemies in NATO drill in Norway. When Turkey showed harsh reaction, pulling out of its 41 officers, NATO and apologized and suspended two personnel. Military sources said this is not a coincidence or an accident, underlining that NATO has become a great threat to Turkey.


Prince to Ascend Throne. King Salman of Saudi Arabia is expected to leave the throne for his son Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman. He will take a symbolic role of protector of the Holy Cities.


NATO Shoots Itself in the Foot. Ataturk was put on biography list of enemy leaders, fake account was opened for Erdogan. Turkey withdrew 41 officers.


172-Minute Crisis. NATO drill in Norway witnesses a never-seen-before scandal. Erdogan’s name and picture of Ataturk were placed on troops’ enemy charts. NATO tried to absolve itself by an apology 172 minutes after Erdogan slammed the alliance and withdrew Turkish officers.


It Doesn’t Work This Way With Banks. Interest rate lobby stops investment in Turkey. President Erdogan slammed the soaring interest rates, and warned banks: You are blocking investors.


Wall Heard, Stone Heart, You Did Not. Nuriye Gulmen’s call for justice went unheard. She will remain jailed in a hospital room.


Law Which Destroys Families to Change. Parental rights and other problems related to current civil marriage and divorce law will be reconsidered in a new draft bill.

Birgun Daily

Lemonade to Those Who Awaken, Tax to Those Who Faint. The government, which created budget deficits with irresponsible spendings, trying to offset the losses with new taxes on citizens. Now it levied a 10 percent price hike on soda and lemonades. The opposition is enraged.


Scandal in NATO. President Erdogan said he and Ataturk were placed among enemy leaders during NATO drill in Norway. Turkey withdrew its 40 officers, NATO sacked an officer and a technical expert.

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