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Turkish Media Highlights — Nov. 25, 2017



Kahraman Hides

Parliament Speaker Ismail Kahraman denied reports that he was the head of the nationalist youth group MTTB in Istanbul in 1969 when ‘Bloody Sunday’ happened. Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) reacted to his candidacy to Parliament Speaker when ruling AKP nominated him two years ago. The Cumhuriyet daily revealed documents and newspaper acrhives of 1969 and found that Mr. Kahraman was indeed MTTB President at that time. Several people were killed during the fight between rival ideological groups in Istanbul’s Taksim Square in 1969.


No Longer Weapons to YPG

Cavusoglu: Trump promised. President Erdogan talked to U.S. President Trump to review the conflict in Syria. Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said U.S. will no longer provide arms to YPG.


Environment Minister Did Not Look at His Around

Minister of Environment Mehmet Ozhaseki’s relations with Gulen movement has been revealed. He went to New York City with Gulenists.


Peace Call

After the trilateral meeting of three leaders in Sochi, President Trump called President Erdogan to express support for peace in Syria and promised to halt weapons to YPG.


Neocons Are on Stage at Zarrab Play

After Gulen-funded prosecutors and judges lead U.S. trial against Zarrab, Neocons, who have an unwavering anti-Turkey stance, were assigned to the case as expert witnesses.


He Called After Admitting Mistake

President Trump who lamented the loss of 6 trillion dollars and thousands of lives by embroilment in the Middle East conflicts admitted that they made mistakes. He tweeted that he would talk to Turkish President Erdogan and later called him to tell that the U.S. would no longer supply arms to PYD/PKK.


We Will No Longer Give Weapons to YPG

Trump tweeted that the U.S. made mistakes in the Middle East and said he would talk to Erdogan. He called President Erdogan and told him that the U.S. would no longer give weapons to YPG.


US Charisma Ripped Apart in Sochi

International strategists think that U.S. charisma was ripped apart as it was reduced to a status of a spectator at the Sochi meeting where leaders of Russia, Iran and Turkey agreed to a common solution. While U.S. has been cooperation with the international terrorist organizations, the three countries, who have divergent views over Syria, are working together.

Birgun Daily 

Real Black Friday 

Attackers targeted a Sufi mosque in the Sinai peninsula, killing nearly 250 people after planting bombs and machine gunning the crowd at the mosque. While ISIS appears as the prime suspect, the Egyptian government declared three-day mourning.

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