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Turkish Media Highlights — Dec. 6, 2017

Headlines and Major Stories 

The U.S. move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and President Erdogan’s threat to cut ties with the Israeli state if that move happens was one of the key stories in Turkish media. The ongoing trial where Turkish-Iranian businessman Reza Zarrab is continuing to testify was the cover story of many newspapers.


We Can Cut (Ties) With Israel 

President Erdogan warned the Trump administration, which is preparing to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, vowing to push Islamic world into action.


Employment Pledge to 900,000 Workers

President Erdogan said his administration cleared the hurdles before full employment of seasoned workers.


Jerusalem Is Red Line

President Erdogan railed against the U.S. and sent sharp messages. He said that “Jerusalem is a red line for Muslims.”


Full Employment to Subcontractors 

President Erdogan pledged to create full employment to subcontractors.


Speak Out America!

The U.S. laid siege to Turkey through a coalition of terrorist groups, DHLP-C, Daesh and PKK/YPG. And it gave hundreds of billions of dollars damage to Turkey’s economy with terrorism. FETO coup attempt killed thousands of citizens. Every terror victim should file a lawsuit against the U.S.


Insistence on Jerusalem Would Break Ties

President Erdogan slammed the U.S. and Israel for their Jerusalem plan. He said Jerusalem is a red line for Muslims and threatened to cut ties with Israel if the U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.


They Gave Everything to Everybody But People

Main opposition continued to grill the government for its entrenched corruption. Kilicdaroglu says Turkish intelligence MIT warned President Erdogan over the fact that Zarrab’s efforts were violating U.S. sanctions and could stir trouble for Turkey.


MIT Warned 4 Years Ago

Main opposition leader Kilicdaroglu said Turkish Intelligence Agency MIT warned President Erdogan well before the outbreak of Dec. 17-25 corruption scandal about Zarrab and sanctions-evasion scheme.

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