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Turkish Media Highlights — Dec. 4, 2017



Reza’s Secret Dubai Plan 

After his properties were confiscated, Reza Zarrab’s staff were also detained. A handwritten note seized by police shows that Zarrab made plans for living in Dubai after he served his jail time in the U.S.


Zarrab’s Dubai Negotiations With US

Reza Zarrab was considering to escape to Dubai to settle down if he got a reduced prison sentence in return for his cooperation with U.S. prosecutors to discredit Turkey.


Turkey Surpasses OECD countries Five Times More

Turkey has created five times more jobs than the rest of the OECD countries in the past 12 years.


This is Treason to Country

President Erdogan criticized businessmen aiming to move their assets out of Turkey. He said it is an act of treason.


Great Siege

Cumhuriyet daily, which was found at the request of Ataturk, will never give up on seeking truths.

Birgun Daily 

Zarrab Trial Is AKP’s Trial

Constitutional law expert Ibrahim Kaboglu, who was purged by government decree in the aftermath of the coup, said the government tells the people that Zarrab case is a matter of national honor and integrity. Indeed, he disputed, the case is the government’s trial, not the integrity of Turkey.

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