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Turkey, US Officials to Meet in Washington to Resolve Brunson Crisis

Turkish and the U.S. officials will meet in Washington, D.C. within two days to resolve the dispute regarding Pastor Andrew Brunson whose ongoing detention sparked tit-for-tat sanctions between two allies.

As the U.S. and Turkey embroiled in an escalating row after both sides employed sanctions on officials from the administrations of each country, efforts to defuse the tension also emerged.

On Monday, Turkish media reported that the Turkish and the U.S. authorities have reached a preliminary agreement to solve the issue.

Several Turkish officials will hold meetings with their U.S. counterparts in the U.S. capitals this week, the media reported, citing diplomatic sources.

Ankara’s relations with the U.S. rapidly deteriorated after the U.S. placed sanctions against Turkey’s Justice and Interior Ministers for their role in the detainment of Pastor Brunson. It sparked a retaliation from Turkey.

The evangelical pastor from North Carolina faces up to 35 years in prison over charges of espionage and terrorism.

He was released from jail and moved to house arrest two weeks ago. He remained in prison for 21 months.

US Imposes Sanctions on Turkey’s Justice, Interior Ministers Over Detained Pastor

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