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TV Channel Fined for ‘Homosexual Erotic Dancing’ in Pink’s Video

Turkey’s top regulator of television and radio broadcasts has fined a local TV channel allegedly because of “erotic dance figures of a homosexual nature” featured in American singer Pink’s video.

As TV, a local broadcaster based in the Turkish province of Bursa, was reportedly fined 17,000 Turkish Lira by the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTUK) on the grounds that Pink’s “Secrets” video was aired “during hours, when children and young people are watching TV” and that “it might have negative impacts on minors”.

Grammy-award winning singer’s video shows same sex couples dancing in front of a wall covered in graffiti, as well as Pink herself dancing erotically with a woman.

The RTUK previously fined various broadcasters for a number of reasons such as sexual scenes and profanity. The watchdog’s authority was recently expanded into monitoring online content, as well.

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