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Iraq Executes Four Turkish Women Over ISIS Membership

Iraqi authorities executed four Turkish women who were sentenced to death in March over charges of involvement in Islami State (ISIS), elbowing aside the calls from international community and families of the convicted.

Last week, Ruveyda D. (25), mother of two children, Kubra E. (22), Ipek O. (24) and Sukriye Catal, mother of one, were executed by Iraqi law enforcement.

In March, Iraq’s regional courts handed down death sentences to 16 Turkish women who were captured by the Iraqi forces in operations against ISIS in Tel Afar and Mosul last year. They were believed to be spouses of militants fighting on behalf of the extremist organization.

Since Iraqi forces liberated Mosul and the remaining pockets of territory from ISIS control, the authorities accelerated legal probes and trials against suspected members of ISIS. But the pace of trials and the nature of convictions drew criticism from the international community.

Baghdad refused to heed with the calls for the release of the women who, according to their families in Turkey, had no combat role during their presence in northern Iraq.

Turkish Foreign Ministry took steps to bring back the bodies of the slain women. Yunus Catal, the brother of Sukriye Catal told Sputnik Turkey that he did not believe his sister was executed.

He said the family was informed by the military intelligence over the execution of the four women, but no details were provided by the Turkish officials.

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