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Greek Politician Warns Turkey Against Any Attempt to Kidnap Turkish Soldiers

A Greek politician warned Turkey that any attempt to kidnap Turkish soldiers who were recently released by a Greek court in Athens would be casus belli and Greece would go to war in that case.

“What has happened in Kosovo cannot happen in Greece. If Turkey attempts such a thing, this is a casus belli, it cannot be anything else,” ANEL Party Deputy Chairman Panagiotis Sgouridis said on Wednesday. 

Sgouridis’ party is part of the coalition government in Athens. He warned Turkey that if a kidnapping attempt takes place Greece would go to war.

His remarks came after Turkish government spokesman Bekir Bozdag said that “wherever they are, it is our duty to bring the putschist troops back to Turkey in a package.”

Turkey expressed outrage over the court ruling on Monday to release coup-plotting Turkish soldiers. But Bozdag’s remarks disturbed the Greek authorities.

Greece’s Defense Minister Paros Kammenos will hold a meeting with his counterparts from NATO members on Thursday to inform them about remarks by Turkish government minister to bring back eight Turkish troops released by a Greek court earlier this week.

Greek Defense Minister Kammenos says the remarks “show how Turkey violates international law, international treaties, and (how it) tries to torpedo efforts at peaceful coexistence in the region,” according to Kathimerini newspaper in Greece.

Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hamdi Aksoy released a statement on Tuesday, criticizing Greece to allow putschists travel freely in the country.

The Greek Supreme Court previously ruled against the extradition of eight officers over the risk of torture and lack of fair trial in Turkey.

On Tuesday, four Turkish F-16s intruded into the Greek airspace, leading to an escalation of tension in the Aegean Sea.

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