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Putin, Erdogan Discuss Attack Against Russian Base in Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin told his Turkish counterpart that he believes that Turkey was not involved in an attack against Russian base in western Syria, in a phone call to discuss the latest situation in Idlib province.

On Thursday, Russian leader discussed the situation in Idlib with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to find ways to de-escalate tension between two countries.

His call came after both countries expressed mutual accusations after a drone attack by radical groups against Hmeimim air base, which is currently operated by Russian air forces.

Russia said the attack was launched from an area in Idlib under control by Turkey-backed rebels. It asked the Turkish military to tighten control over radical elements in the region.

Turkey on Tuesday summoned Iranian and Russian ambassadors in Ankara to urge them to stop a regime offensive against what it said moderate rebel groups in Idlib near the Turkish border.

The escalation of tension cast doubt over an upcoming summit in Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi between the Syrian regime and opposition.

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