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Ankara Says Zarrab Case is ‘Plot Against Turkey’

Turkish deputy prime minister has said an investigation into Iranian gold trader Reza Zarrab is a political case and a plot targeting Turkey.

“This case — and we are saying this in very clear terms — is political and lacks legal ground. It is a plot against Turkey,” Bekir Bozdag, who is also the government spokesperson told a bi-weekly briefing on Monday.

The minister said the prosecuting side is putting pressure on suspects of the case.

Mr. Zarrab and Halkbank official Hakan Atilla are facing charges of endangering U.S. national security interests by busting U.S.-led sanctions against Iran between 2010 and 2015. It is widely believed that Mr. Zarrab is going to cooperate with prosecutors for a lighter sentence.

On Monday, a Manhattan court postponed the jury selection to Nov. 27. Turkey has stepped up efforts to discredit the due process and secure the release of Mr. Zarrab. U.S. media reported earlier that some of the revelations by Mr. Zarrab may possible embarrass the Turkish government.

Mr. Zarrab was arrested by Turkish authorities four years ago for bribing senior Turkish officials, a case that drew President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s wrath, who declared it a coup attempt.

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