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Turkish Media Highlights — Nov. 30, 2017



He Is Speaking At Court

Reza Zarrab who became a witness in Iran sanctions trial and is currently cooperating with U.S. prosecutors claimed that he bribed Economy Minister Caglayan. He spoke about how he helped Iran evade sanctions.


If You Have Little Honor, Quit and Go

President Erdogan who debunked lies of main opposition CHP leader Kilicdaroglu, called on him to leave after his “slanders came untrue.”


Not A Penny Gone

President Erdogan dismissed CHP Chairman Kilicdaroglu’s claims of money transfer as lies. Not a penny went outside, he said.


I Gave 50 million Euros of Bribe to Caglayan

Turkish-Iranian Businessman Reza Zarrab began to testify at the court. He claimed that he bribed former Economy Minister 50 million euros.


One Touch, Thousands of Complaints

Birgun daily listened to problems of people in the western province of Edirne. Due to ill-conceived policies of the government, both farming and animal husbandry are on life support, facing sector threatening challenges.

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