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Turkish Media Highlights — Nov. 29, 2017



Transaction Feud

After main opposition CHP leader revealed offshore money accounts of Erdogan family members, a bitter feud broke out between CHP Chairman Kilicdaroglu and the president as family members denied documents about money transactions as fake.


Proved With Documents? Will the necessary one to be done?

After President Erdogan denied offshore account, main opposition CHP leader proved how the president evaded tax at home by overseas money transactions with documents. Millions of dollars were transferred into bank accounts in Man Isles within 20 days. President Erdogan said he would resign if evidence was shown. Now, evidence was presented. Will he honor his promise?


Liar, Slanderer, Pro-FETO Man

Former main opposition CHP lawmaker Aykan Erdemir is the man who carries communication between CHP and Gulen Movement. He gathered with FETO names in the U.S. on many occasions.


Disaster If True, Disaster If Wrong!

CHP leader claimed that Erdogan family members transferred money to a company in Man Isles, a small islet between Ireland and England. Ruling AKP immediately denied it.


Prisoner Swap With Government Decree

Turkey released two Russian agents and sent them back to Russia after Moscow agreed to release two Crimean Tatar politicians imprisoned after the annexation of the peninsula.


Millions Flew to the Isle of Man

CHP leader revealed the sources of his claims. He released documents detailing how Erdogan family members transferred $15 million to a company in the Isle of Man.


Slanderer and Imposter

With a superb timing, CHP leader began his slanders President Erdogan and his family at the same with Reza Zarrab plot in the U.S. He unveiled fake documents in his party’s parliamentary group meeting. Erdogan family’s lawyer denied them as fake and said CHP leader Kilicdaroglu became a pawn of FETO.

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