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Turkish Media Highlights — Nov. 21, 2017



Save These Children

Destan (6), Yagiz (6) and Yigit Alp (3)… Three kids who were brought either by their mom or father to Islamic State-held territory. As the extremist terrorist group is splintering and losing territorial holdings, families want their children back.


Your Story Is Our Medal

Father of Major Ebru who revealed the scandal in NATO drill: My daughter did not tell me. I learned through Haberturk.


Joint Plot Compensation

In 2008, Western Study Group (BCG) profiling lists were acquired by the AKP government, which then relayed the trove of intelligence files to pro-Gulen media outlet Bugun. The newspaper run a story about current CHP Chairman Kemal Kilicdaroglu who was the head of Social Security Organization (SSK) in the late 1990s over the hiring of its staff. Mr. Kilicdaroglu filed a lawsuit against the newspaper and Prime Ministry, and won the case.


They Hold Zarrab As Hostage, Force Him to Smear

Turkish government showed a harsh reaction against Zarrab case and said defendants are being forced to smear against Turkey through pressure and intimidation.


Even If You Have One Lira, Open Account

Fethullah Gulen, the leader of FETO, called on his supporters to open accounts at Bank Asya, urged them even sell their houses or cars to keep the bank afloat.


Historic Blow to Daesh and PKK

With measures in place, Turkish officials significantly reduced the amount of illegal trafficking of historical artifacts by Daesh, or ISIS, and PKK.


Zarrab Case Is US Plot

Government spokesperson Bekir Bozdag said the U.S. keeps Reza Zarrab as a hostage. The trial, he said, is a political one. “This is political trial, lack legal ground. It is a plot against Turkey. Those who try them pressure them to smear against Turkey.”


Test of Friendship in Sochi

Russia, Turkey and Iran established a joint mechanism to find a solution to the Syrian conflict, but face daunting challenges. For President, Putin and Rouhani who will gather in Sochi to discuss Syria, whether to include PYD to peace talks remains to be a challenge for the participants as Turkey objects inclusion of Syrian Kurdish group.


This Man is Behind Terrorism

Brett McGurk is directly responsible for the killing of more than 1,000 Turkish soldiers and security forces members as he pulls strings behind PKK/YPG attacks. He is behind terrorism in the region.


That Night Is Very Soon

After President Erdogan’s vow, the Turkish Armed Forces deployed new artillery and tanks for a possible operation against Afrin.


Priority Is Expensiveness

The government will take steps to halt price hikes in consumer goods, to boost investor’s confidence and to ease jittery markets.


Operation Against Afrin on Table in Sochi

Turkey will discuss a possible military operation against Afrin with Russia and Iran at a meeting in Sochi on Wednesday.


Some Happiness

When Mehmet Ozcan realized that some small children go to school with a pair of sandals even during crushing cold days of winters in the eastern province of Igdir, he collected 5,000 boots for young kids.


Bribery Cannot Be Our National Matter

It is legitimate to breach U.S. sanctions. But there had been many cases of bribery, smuggling, money laundering and all illegal things. Only a new creed of religious capitalists’ interests were taken into account, not our country’s.

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