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Turkish Media Highlights — Nov. 17, 2017



Alliance Could Be Considered. President Erdogan issued a statement regarding recent debates over a potential election alliance. He said the idea could be discussed at party branches.

His remarks came after opposition Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) expressed willingness to align with Mr. Erdogan’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP).


We Are Ready to Take Every Step With MHP. President Erdogan: We are ready to take every step with national and local party MHP to defend interests of our nation and territory.


Where Were You When Our Soldiers’ Heads Were Wrapped in Bags. CHP lawmaker Muharrem Ince criticized the government over sending a diplomatic note to the U.S. over Reza Zarrab, reminding that it did not issue any note to the U.S. in 2003 when Turkish soldiers detained by the U.S. troops in northern Iraq.


If There Is Terror, We Are Not There. President Erdogan said Turkey would not take part in Syria peace talks if terrorist YPG joins it.


Electoral Alliance Could Be Considered. Returning from a trip to Russia-Kuwait-Qatar, President Erdogan signaled an electoral alliance with opposition MHP.


We Are Ready to Take Every Step With MHP. President Erdogan suggested an electoral alliance with MHP. Erdogan: I always shared patriotic approach of Mr. Bahceli.


Zarrab Plot Took Shape in 2010. The Zarrab plot which targeted Turkey was prepared by the U.S. three years before 2013 corruption investigation and had been put into motion step by step since 2010.


Color of Alert Is Red. Troubling signals from Turkish economy found the cleared expression in the construction sector, which created employment for 2.3 million workers. The sector is seeking ways for an exit from the crisis.


Barzani Distributed $25 Million. To promote the idea of a satellite state in Iraq by dismantling the Iraqi state, Barzani distributed $25 million through several institutions in Istanbul.


Uncertainty in U.S. Turkish Foreign Ministry: Our Embassy in D.C. sought information from U.S. institutions. But there has been no return so far.


US Sends Money to Terrorists. President Erdogan said the U.S. not only sends weapons to PKK/YPG but also makes payments to terrorists on a regular basis.


Alliance Could be Considered. President Erdogan welcomed the idea of an electoral alliance with MHP.


We Are Ready for Every Step With MHP. President Erdogan embraced a possible electoral alliance with nationalist opposition MHP.


Constitutional Court Tailored Law in Line With Emergency Rule. Constitutional Court rejected applications of jailed lawmakers over violation of right to fair trial.


We Don’t Sit at Same Table With Terrorists. President Erdogan says Turkey refuses to take part in the same peace conference to resolve Syrian conflict if terrorists join.


Righteous Rebellion of Our Farmers. A Farmer told Minister of Agriculture that 10 percent of former national team coach Fatih Terim’s salary would feed them perfectly.


We Are Open to Every Joint Step With MHP. President Erdogan displayed a willingness to form a new alliance with nationalist opposition MHP.

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