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Turkish Media Highlights — Dec. 3, 2017



Swept and Gone

Reza Zarrab’s office buildings and companies resemble ghost buildings as even furniture and majority of goods have been moved elsewhere. Mr. Zarrab who is currently testifying at a Manhattan court became a witness. Turkey seized his assets.


Someone Trapped This Man

President Erdogan mocked main opposition CHP leader after his release of documents implicating the Erdogan family in overseas money transfers to offshore accounts in the Isle of Man. The president said those documents are fake and CHP leader was fooled by some people.


Digital Court Cannot Sentence

Those courts who were set up by scoundrels of traitor FETO cannot put my country on trial and cannot sentence my country, President Erdogan said.


Silo: SDF Is Proxy

Former Spokesman of Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) who defected to Turkey-backed FSA forces has begun to offer stunning revelations about SDF’s inner workings and the U.S. support of terrorist groups in Syria. He said SDF is a proxy, front organization for PKK and weapons supplied by the U.S. end up at PKK hands.


Cargo Arrives From US

YeniSafak found the origins of the links of documents released by main opposition CHP. FETO appeared to be the source of the emails sent to CHP. Pennsylvania sent those documents in a campaign against the government.


Looming Signs of Snap Election

Reza Zarrab trial, corruption debate and worsening economy may push President Erdogan to call for a snap election to change the course of politics.


You Have to Answer

The AKP/Palace regime, which prefers to muddy the waters instead of answering questions triggered by corruption documents regarding the Isle of Man and Reza Zarrab revelations. The Zarrab case is not a national matter, it is problem of a certain clique.

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