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No Law Degree Needed, Any College Graduate Can Become Administrative Judge in Turkey

According to a new presidential decree issued on Monday, any graduate with a four-year college degree from any department will be able to become an administrative judge with no need for formal law education.

In a new decree that regulates restructuring of the new cabinet and the working of ministries, the government removed a set of requirements essential for becoming a judge in Turkey.

“The legal obstacle before graduates of four-year¬†courses of study such as physiotherapy, veterinary medicine, French language, climate engineering, Sumerology and medicine has been lifted,” Nuh Huseyin Kose, Vice President of Union of Judges, wrote on Twitter.

It means that a candidate who seeks to be an administrative judge at administrative courts no longer needs to acquire a law degree or have a law education at the university. Anyone can take the judgeship exam after having any degree in any field.

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