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Poll: One in Every Three AK Party Voters Thinks Turkey is Going Downhill

One third of the Turkish people, who voted for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan‘s ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), believe that the circumstances are becoming worse in the country, according to a survey funded by the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP), Turkish media reported on Monday.

According to a report by Cumhuriyet, in the survey conducted in October by Metropoll Center of Strategic and Social Research, 54.6 percent of the participants cited economic problems as the most worrying issue. Around 14 percent named unemployment as the top reason of worsening conditions in Turkey.

While 56.2 percent said they believed Turkey is “going downhill”, only 24 percent stated otherwise. A total of 16.1 percent remained neutral.

Out of those who stated negative opinion, 29.6 percent reportedly voted for the AK Party in the latest general elections that took place in June.

In response to the question on whether it has become harder to make a living, 63.3 percent answered “yes,” while 12.1 percent thought it was the other way around, and 19.1 percent said it has not changed.

The report pointed out that 42.2 percent of those who said “yes” consists of AK Party voters.

45.8 percent of all respondents stated that they found the government’s plan to fight the inflation “fruitless.”

Among the 59.8 percent that said they suffered an income loss over the past six months, 45.3 percent were reportedly AK Party supporters.

Out of those saying their spending increased – 78.8 percent of all participants – 74.4 percent also stated that they voted for AK Party.


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